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Not all CPC Core Modules are created equally...

Here’s what you’ll get with APEX:

  • With 23 Class A credits, you’ll get over a third of the Class A credits you need for your 4-year CPC cycle.
  • Enjoy an engaging learning experience with images and animations created by our certified medical illustrator.
  • Learn to apply the latest evidence, and get just the right amount of review to tie it all together.
  • We link to hundreds of abstracts and articles, so you can learn more about the topics that interest you most.
  • Get 3 ways to learn with animated video presentations, streaming audio, and printable PDFs.
  • Stressed about a post-test? Get 3 attempts to pass, and choose to take the tests open-book.
  • We’ll report credits for all active AANA members.
  • Receive instant access to all 4 modules immediately after enrolling in the course.


William Howell, CRNA

“Wow! Another home run for the APEX team. I just finished the pharmacology module and the information presented was not only relevant, but the "myth buster" sections that look at old practice vs latest research was extremely useful. I've been out of school for almost 30 years, and I feel this has helped me get up to date and relevant. This module will change your practice.”

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CPC Core Module Bundle

Core Module Bundle awards 23 Class A credits.

Get instant access to all 4 CPC Core Modules.

You’ll have 1 year to complete the courses.

Officially recognized by the NBCRNA.

Approved by the AANA.

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Save $50 with this coupon code: statemember01

Why do I have to complete the NBCRNA CPC Core Modules?

The CPC Core Modules are a component of the Continued Professional Practice (CPC) Program required to recertify with the NBCRNA.

The goal of the modules is to help CRNAs stay informed about the current literature and evidence-based knowledge. Topics include:

  1. Airway Management Techniques
  2. Anesthesia Equipment and Technology
  3. Applied Clinical Pharmacology
  4. Human Physiology and Pathophysiology

When do I have to complete the CPC Core Modules?

The CPC Core Modules will be a required component of the NBCRNA CPC Program starting with the 2020/2021 cycle.

You’ll need to complete them every 4 years, and the credits you earn will also count towards your Class A credit requirement.

How do I access the course content?

You can use your computer, tablet, and smartphone. Because APEX is web-based, you can start on one device and pick up where you left off on another. You can consume the content as much as you’d like during your 1-year access period.

Additionally, you can choose the format that’s best for you.

  1. Watch the interactive video presentation.
  2. Stream the audio on our website, so you can listen on the go.
  3. Print the PDF file, so you can take notes as you follow along or learn when you’re away from your device.

We support Apple, Android, and Windows devices.

We support the following browsers:

  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Microsoft Edge

*APEX cannot be used on e-readers or Kindle Fire. Additionally, we don’t fully support Android LG devices.

Do the CPC Core Modules award Class A credit?

Yes! Our CPC Core Modules include 23 Class A credits.

This is over a third of the the Class A credits you need for your entire 4-year cycle!

Even if you don’t need module credit, you can still complete the CPC Core Modules for additional Class A credit.

Is there a post-test?

The NBCRNA requires that there’s a post-test for all the CPC Core Modules.

Stressed about taking a post-test? We make it easy.

  • You’ll have 3 attempts to pass each post-test.
  • You can take the post-tests open book.

Will APEX report my Class A credits to the AANA?

Yes! If you’re an active AANA member, we’ll report your credits directly to the AANA.

If you’re not an active AANA member, you can print your certificate from our website and send it to the NBCRNA.

Are your CPC Core Modules officially recognized by the NBCRNA?

For the CPC Core Modules to count towards your CPC requirement, they must satisfy two conditions:

  1. They must be prior-approved by the AANA for Class A credits.
  2. They must be officially recognized by the NBCRNA (this part is really important).

APEX is recognized by the NBCRNA as a designated Core Module Provider. Our CPC Core Modules are prior approved by the AANA for 23 Class A credits.



Is APEX Anesthesia CRNA owned and operated?

Yes! APEX is owned and operated by CRNAs who care about other CRNAs.

We’ve helped thousands of CRNAs with continuing education. We can help you too.

Does APEX offer other CRNA continuing education courses?

We make CRNA continuing education easy by giving you everything you need to recertify in one place.

Our online courses include:

  • CPC Core Module Bundle
  • Back to Basics Review for CRNAs
  • Clinical Updates Journal Course
  • All-Inclusive Bundle (includes 108 Class A credits)

Learn more about our online courses at www.apexanesthesia.com/crna

Looking for a CRNA conference? Check out www.apexlive.com to learn more about our in-person CPC Exam review courses.

Will the CPC Core Modules prepare me for the CPC Exam?

Although the CPC Core Modules are linked to the content outline for the CPC exam, there may be content on the exam not covered by the modules.

If you’re interested in a more in-depth review course for CRNAs, check out our Back to Basics course at www.apexanesthesia.com/crna.