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“APEX was an outstanding supplement to my nurse anesthesia program. I used the program and filled out the worksheets to help me better understand what I was learning both didactically and clinically. My final board prep consisted of reviewing the most difficult concepts and taking the mock exams. APEX gave me the confidence to attack boards and successfully pass in the minimal 100 questions. Many questions on boards I was easily able to link to concepts I studied in APEX and I usually knew the answer without even looking at the options. Thank you for a phenomenal product. I would recommend APEX to EVERY SRNA!”
—Gerald Murphy CRNA – Yale New Haven Hospital’s School of Nurse Anesthesia


“I passed my boards in 100 questions! APEX prepared me to critically think outside the box. It was a steep learning curve at the beginning but it was all worth it. Thank you Kevin & Dan for putting your heart & minds in APEX. It’s a great must have review to ensure success on boards.”
Rico Liwanagan CRNA – La Sallee University


“Just want to thank you for both a superior product and amazing support, as I passed the NBCRNA in 100 questions! Apex is the only course I used, and it provided me with all of the information needed to confidently tackle the big exam. I’ll recommend Apex to everyone – you guys ROCK!”
—Ryan Hogan CRNA – Yale New Haven Hospital’s School of Nurse Anesthesia


“Awesome review course, easy to use. Passed the boards first time with no issues.”
—Moshe Schwarz CRNA – Yale New Haven Hospital’s School of Nurse Anesthesia


“Just wanted to give you guys at Apex Anesthesia review a shout out. I took my boards today and passed in 100 questions! It was a lot of work and effort, but your review really had me prepared! I especially appreciate the fact that you comment on the differences you find between all the text books. It helps put the mind at ease, that the information you are presenting is comprehensive. I would highly recommend Apex to any students looking for a quality, user friendly study program.”
—Joshua Leventhal CRNA – Columbia University


“Passed boards, first attempt using Apex as my one and only resource! I recommend the program to everyone! I’m so thankful!!”
Ashley Gallup CRNA – Newman University


“Just passed boards the first try with 100 questions. I used almost exclusively APEX. Thank you so much!”
Eric Swanlund II CRNA – University of Minnesota


“Passed my boards today using only Apex for preparation!! Cannot recommend this resource enough! Thank you guys!”
—Paige Puryear CRNA – Newman University


“Thank you APEX for an outstanding review! I passed boards in 100 questions! The BEST review out there!! I put in a lot of work, but it gave me all the tools I needed to be successful. I would highly recommend this Anesthesia boards review!”
Danielle Smith Willis CRNA – Raleigh School of Nurse Anesthesia UNC


“Wanted to send a shout-out to the guys at Apex Anesthesia Review. Passed boards in 100 questions using Apex. The methods behind the madness y’all use gave me several “ah-hah!” moments when I came to concepts I struggeled with for over 2 years in anesthesia school. The glorious oversimplification of complex topics facilitated a very efficient study plan. The repeated testing throughout tutorials and final review exams kept me from getting lost in minutiae. Thanks guys.”
Matt Bowden CRNA – University of Tennessee Chattanooga


“Thanks APEX! 100 questions like nothing!”
Joshua Solheim CRNA – Wake Forest School of Medicine


“Thank you, APEX, for such an organized, enjoyable, & comprehensive NCE review. The format was perfect for my learning style. I wondered if our friendship would payoff this summer but I don’t have to wonder anymore!”
Chantelle Wallin CRNA – Wake Forest School of Medicine


“I passed boards last week after using Apex! Wonderful program! Thank you!!!”
Ashley Burdette CRNA – Union University


“Thank you Apex!! I passed a couple days ago in 100 questions! After doing all of the workbook tutorials, the review quizzes and practice exams, I can honestly say that there were only about 15 questions that I was not 100% confident in my answer! Keep up the great work!”
Melissa Duncan CRNA – Wolford College


“I’m happy to say I passed boards today! I changed my study plan last minute (which was nerve racking to do few weeks before boards!)I felt the information and challenging modules on APEX were making my brain finally make sense of concepts and challenging topics. I’m glad I did switch because I passed in 100 questions! Thank you APEX!”
Giovanna Burns CRNA – Rosalind Franklin University


“A fantastic program with excellent results! It’s hard but so are boards. I passed on the first try. Thanks to Kevin, Dan and their team!”
Sheila Bellak CRNA – Rosalind Franklin University


“Passed in 100 questions thanks to Apex!!!”
Zach McMinn CRNA – University of Tennessee Memphis


“The good people at Apex will give you all the tools to succeed. Nowhere else will you receive such personalized support from guys like Kevin and Danny who give so much of their time and talent to their students. If you’ve been on the fence about jumping on the Apex bandwagon, I can tell you, you won’t be sorry, it’s money well spent and if you put in the time, the information will follow a concentration gradient (think Fick’s first and second law) right into your noggin, guaranteed!”
Jonathan Lannan CRNA – US Army


“Passed today in 100 questions. Used Apex as my sole board prep.
FYI: Our school is phasing out their old required prep program and having all the new students get Apex. Thanks for a great review!”
Adam Nieukoop CRNA – Rosalind Franklin University


“Passed with 100 questions thanks to Apex!”
Elizabeth Martinez CRNA – Florida International University


“HUGE thanks to Apex in helping me pass boards! Apex is the absolute best review! I wish I would have had this from the start of school! Kevin, you are a rockstar & I appreciate all of your help!”
Scot Brown CRNA – Bryan College of Health Sciences


“Thank you Apex anesthesia! I truly believe your review helped me succeed on my exam. I passed in 100 questions and am so thankful for people like y’all that have the heart and passion to create a review program to help students achieve their dreams. Thank you!!”
Alicia Gladden CRNA – Samford University


“Wanted to thank Apex for helping me pass board with 100 questions!!! I broke down during some weak moments and ended up with almost every review material out there! Apex is the most organized and thorough of them all! Stick with Apex and you will be set. Also, Kevin was extremely fast and courteous at responding to questions via email.Thank you, Apex!!!!”
Dana Erickson CRNA – Bloomsburg University


“Thank you Apex Team! Your program blows all the other CRNA study courses out of the water! I passed the exam yesterday afternoon, only 100 questions! Again, I can’t thank u enough and I have told others to get this program who are a year behind me. I recommend investing in this program day one of your CRNA program.”
Tamra Kelly CRNA


“Thank you Apex!!! 100 and done. So happy to see that PASS.”
Jennifer Fielding CRNA – Barry University


“Thank you so much, Apex!!! I just passed my boards, and I largely credit my success to your review!!!”
Karen Barwald CRNA – University of Texas


“Apex anesthesia review is without a doubt the only way to go to prepare for the NCE. As previous post mention, the questions on the NCE don’t compare to those experienced through Apex. I was well prepared, nothing came as a surprise, and finished in 57 mins with 100 questions. You guys are the best and thank you for the quick response to any questions I had. Cheers!”
Dez Cacciotti CRNA – East Carolina University


“Passed boards yesterday in just under an hour with 100 questions! As promised, the NCE questions felt easy and straightforward compared to the Apex questions I was used to, and no surprises on the content. I went through all the Apex workbooks and exams once over six weeks and then spent a few days reviewing trouble areas. Only wish I would have discovered it earlier!”
Alyssa Jensen CRNA – York College


“Many thanks to Apex Review for giving me a more in depth understanding. Just passed the boards with 100 questions.”
Kimberly Roderick CRNA – Gannon University


“I would just like to report that I took my boards today and successfully passed in 100 questions! I used several study materials, but APEX was where I put my focus and I think it prepared me the best. I have been raving to my classmates about how much I liked APEX and now that I’ve passed I can brag about your program even more. Thank you both for this product! You two are the best!”
Allyson Heard CRNA – University of Pittsburgh


“I passed boards! APEX is amazing and I definitely know that it helped me!! I have been promoting it to all my classmates and people graduating after me. This program was sincerely a blessing for me! If anesthesia programs were taught in this same fashion, anesthesia school will soon be too easy and more and more people will try and gravitate towards becoming a CRNA. I am not sure if that is a good thing, but nonetheless, it is true. I printed out ALL of the blank outlines and filled in the modules I knew were my hardest subjects. Every module amazed me in the amount of hard work it must have been to come up with. This program is so organized, colorful, and referenced all of our textbooks and best of all pointed out when/why there is confusion among the curriculum. I will be using APEX again for any recertification credits I need, etc. Cheers to APEX!”
Cecily Rose CRNA – Wolford College


“So thankful for APEX! Your program was excellent – it more than prepared me for boards and for daily practice. You made difficult topics easy to understand and gave great visuals and ways to learn and not just memorize the material. Thank you for answering my endless list of questions – your replies were timely and your explanations, very good! I kept waiting to run into a difficult question and I never did – I finished in an hour. Thank you! Thank you!”
Kristen Berg Logan CRNA – Re-Entry to Practice


“I passed boards today in 100 questions! While you never feel perfectly prepared for something so significant, I felt as confident as possible after using APEX for 85% of my study material. APEX’s attention to detail, clever mnemonics, and comprehensive tutorials truly enhanced and solidified my knowledge base. I filled out all the workbooks and am happy to have them as a forever-resource. I highly recommend this program- the best on the market!!”
Lindsey McKee CRNA – Medical University of South Carolina


“APEX has been a tremendous help for passing boards! It divided the content into 12 units, helping me focus on one topic at a time. The worksheets available to print helped me take notes while studying, and were helpful for review. The best part about APEX is that it allowed me to make connections between concepts. Every question I had on the boards was addressed at some point in APEX. Thank you for helping me pass!”
Chelsie Larsen CRNA – Mayo School of Health Sciences


“I passed!!! 100 questions. APEX is hands down the best! Thanks for all your hard work on keeping everything up-to-date with current references and helping a new generation of students learn/understand the material as opposed to just memorizing facts. I will continue to be a great source of “word of mouth” advertising!”
Amy Wells CRNA – Mayo School of Health Sciences


“I found with APEX that additional study materials were not necessary. This site tested your knowledge in the best possible way and really gave you the tools to pass the exam. I was very happy to find challenging questions and accurate information, as well as, a VERY similar style to which the actual exam is given. Features such as “hot spot” and “drag-and-drop” questions were essential for me. I truly feel that when you purchase APEX you not only receive priceless information but you receive a “cheering committee” that is always available to help and motivate you. I couldn’t have imaged going through this process with anyone else! I recommend it 100%!”
M. Gallina CRNA – Old Dominion University


“I passed the NCE in 100 questions on my first attempt!!! Thanks for your help! APEX was an awesome review tool for me and I would recommend it to anyone preparing to take the NCE. I think that the NCE was actually easier than some of the APEX practice exams.”
Jennifer Knish CRNA – Samuel Merritt University


“I passed in 100 questions! I honestly loved the content and design of the website. It was very easy to navigate back and forth through the courses. Having succinct teaching made it easy for me to digest the material. Also, I really liked the way you referenced material and had acknowledged references that had wrong material. I’ll keep strongly recommending Apex to future students because it really is the best!”
Katey Piscitello CRNA – Oregon Health Sciences University


“I would hands down recommend APEX to anyone. I believe that APEX is largely responsible for my success on the NCE. The content is great and it has a lot of helpful pictures/tables/graphs with better explanations. Their questions and practice exams are challenging but will more than prepare you for what you’ll see on boards. The way the classroom is set up is really user-friendly and even has an index for quick navigation. Kevin and Danny are readily available for questions and support. They are always open to feedback on how to make their review course even better. Thank you for a comprehensive, top-quality product… but more importantly thank you for helping me pass boards!”
Stacey Vernon CRNA – University of Pittsburgh


“Just thought I’d let you know i passed boards last tuesday. I really liked Apex and will def recommend it to future students. I thought you guys did a great job in presenting the necessary info and made it easy to understand. I used primarily APEX and did look over some other materials but didn’t get through much of those.”
Cody Freudenthal CRNA – Mount Marty College


“I’m just making you aware that I successfully passed my board exam on the 24th of this month and your APEX review was a tremendous help. It really did enforce key concepts while providing sufficient practice questions.”
Resha Ruddock CRNA – Inter American University


“Just a quick message to say thank you for making such a wonderful, comprehensive program. I used all the workbooks (which were fantastic!), went through the program twice, and passed boards on my first attempt. You guys helped me to understand concepts thus allowing me to think through each question that I faced on boards. This is an excellent program and I would highly recommend it! I truly cannot say thank you enough!”
Brianna Kurdziel CRNA – Oakland University


“Our school provided us with two other review courses. Hands down I would take APEX over any of the others.”
—Elizabeth Van Horn CRNA – Middle Tennessee University


“I would just like to take a moment to thank you for your hard work with APEX, it is truly helpful for board prep!! I used it and passed my boards last week, and am so grateful I did. It was very organized, straight to the point, and solidified a lot of concepts for me. The setup with having questions for each topic with lots of photos mixed in helped me stay focused as well. I was in and out in 100 questions, and felt very prepared. So glad I used it! Will recommend it to others.”
Alyssa Granholm CRNA – Rutgers University


“I’m happy to report that I passed the exam in 100 questions. I am SO thankful for APEX. This program allowed me understand concepts that I never thought I would. APEX made taking the NCE much easier than it would have been with it, and I am so glad I found you guys! I told a number of my classmates about APEX, and they all used it to study and pass the exam as well. Thank you for such a current, comprehensive tool. You guys are the best!”
—Katy Otte CRNA – University of Albany Medical Center


“I passed boards around mid-late December-100 questions. I thoroughly enjoyed apex and no doubt believe it was instrumental in my passing the first time. I have talked with other students about APEX and have done nothing but spread the word about he great product.”
S. Handy CRNA – University of Alabama at Birmingham


“I purchased APEX and I was so glad I did. I originally used another review course, but it was the same thing everyday. APEX really challenged me and was a better learning experience for me. Without APEX, I don’t think I would have felt nearly as confident going into exam! Thank you for creating such an awesome review!!”
Carissa Stovall CRNA – Lincoln Memorial University


“You have been awesome and I couldn’t have chosen a better program to prepare for boards. Loved learning with APEX. The question review format definitely worked for me!”
Ewa Korzeniowska CRNA – Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island Nurse Anesthetist Program


“I passed my boards, and I am so happy. Thank you for your excellent program.”
L. Florian CRNA – Interamerican University of Puerto Rico


“I am happy to report that I passed the NCE!! I can’t thank you enough for this program. It was truly a Godsend and I think it absolutely surpasses any other board prep course out there. I paid for another review course before you guys came to our school to do the presentation on APEX, and then bought APEX. I never looked at that other course again. Haha. Thank you so much!”
Sara Moss CRNA – Old Dominion University


“I want to let you that I passed the NCE! I used your program primarily and I thank you for it. APEX is set up in a way that did indeed teach me and help me integrate the knowledge as opposed to memorize facts for a test. Your program is top notch. As for me, I will recommend Apex to SRNAs and CRNAs alike. Well done guys. Thank you so much.”
—Sarah Given CRNA – Georgetown University


“You guys are the best, I got all 170 questions and 90% of what I saw I could pull from my APEX studies…amazing product.”
—Rob Beyerlein CRNA – Lourdes University


“I used APEX as my board prep and I PASSED in 100 questions! I HIGHLY recommend this product!!”
—Nicole Petrungaro CRNA – Baylor College of Medicine


“APEX was definitely a key factor in helping me pass boards. Thanks Kevin and Danny!”
—Cheryl Bykowicz Rutherford CRNA – Old Dominion University


“APEX provided the bulk of my prep for boards and I am happy to say that I passed the exam with flying colors. I would highly recommend Apex to any SRNA who is looking for a thorough board prep course or any CRNA who is looking for a recertification course. The practice questions and simulated exams were excellent, the content was clear cut and set up to move easily through the different modules. Also, there were a lot of diagrams that were very helpful for a visual learner like me. Thanks APEX!”
—Bryanne Horn CRNA – University of Minnesota


“After not passing boards on the first try (I used several other review courses) a friend said take a look at APEX. I did, went through every test and module. Took boards 2 wks later and went from a 439 to a 491! I love the tutorials having questions mixed in and feel like you provide that deeper understanding that some of the other courses don’t. I’ve already started passing word to my schools’ faculty about my views on your system and students still in school.”
Abby Jo Link CRNA – University of Scranton


“APEX focuses more on understanding than remembering material, which helps to answer complex board questions. It is organized and presents information that is easy to understand.”
Devon Barnes CRNA – Murray State/Baptist health Anesthesia Program


“Thank you APEX for helping me pass the NCE in 100 questions! Your program is hands down the best review course around.”
—Meg Kelly CRNA – Virginia Commonwealth University


“I passed! APEX was awesome! So glad I used it!!! You guys did a great job!”
Lindsay Lepkowski CRNA – Albany Medical College


“I passed boards! I prepared by going through Apex with the ODU program in our last semester. After graduation I went back through all the modules and then back through all of the review tests. I know that felt like I was passing boards while I was taking them. Everyone always says they felt like they were failing. I feel like APEX is an invaluable review and excellent preparation for boards.”
—Echo Roenker CRNA – Old Dominion University


“Hi! Just wanted to give feedback on APEX. I passed the NCE today with the minimum number of questions. After completing APEX, I found the NCE to be almost easy. Thank you for creating a program that over-prepared me for the exam and made me confident in my answers. I will definitely refer others to APEX!”
Alison Hunt CRNA – Georgetown University


“The APEX Anesthesia Review program provides a refreshing, effective, highly valuable & beneficial review/board preparation program in a sea of average review programs. The APEX program provides an excellent and comprehensive review of material with clearly & accurately cited NCE text sources. Question formats are appropriately challenging for NCE preparation while also providing in-depth rationale for lasting knowledge of the topics. Kevin & Dan provide exceptional support & clarification of material and questions. I highly recommend the APEX Anesthesia Review program for all SRNA’s looking to prep for the NCE and/or CRNA’s seeking to further hone & refresh their professional knowledge base.”
—Mathew Steele CRNA – Otterbein University


“I just want to say thank you so much for your awesome prep course! To be honest, I did several other reviews too. If I had to do it all over (I never ever want do it over by the way), I would only use APEX. While taking my board exam this morning, I really felt as if I was doing an APEX exam! I really hated doing APEX exams during my studying because they’re so difficult and made me feel stupid, but I’m glad I stuck with it because they were the most helpful for my exam today. The style of questions and level of “difficulty” is exactly like the real exam. So, thanks! Oh yeah, I passed!!”
—Gloria Clampitt CRNA – University of Scranton


“APEX is easy to use and I like how the units and lessons are organized. I like how each topic begins with a question and each unit has multiple review exams. The study questions mirror the format of the NCE. I have and will continue to recommend APEX to others.”
—Kathryn Foster CRNA – Memorial Hospital of Rhode Island


“Having just taken and passed the NCE, I can attest that APEX is a great resource for preparing for the exam! It is engaging, thorough, and has great visual aids! When I study I need more than bullet points of information, and APEX offers that! They also offer a large amount of practice questions. When recertification becomes a reality, I will certainly be turning to APEX as my resource!”
—Jenna Hardison CRNA – Virginia Commonwealth University


“I really like APEX. I used it for the SEE and scored in the 98th percentile nationally thanks to APEX.”
—Kirstyn Indgjer SRNA – UNE/St. Joseph’s School of Anesthesia


“Just wanted to say thanks for APEX Anesthesia Review! Heard about this review course for NCE from one of my classmates, and thought it was fantastic! After completing this course I felt well prepared going into boards and know it helped me in my success in passing! Looking forward to seeing what CEUs you will offer to CRNAs.”
Naomi Gill CRNA – University of South Carolina


“I took the NCE yesterday and with the help of your program I was able to complete it in around an hour with just 100 questions. Thanks for the high quality product!”
J. Lynch CRNA – University of North Carolina at Charlotte


“I just got done with the SEE exam, and I can say, without any doubt, that APEX was the best study tool!! Question styles and topics were very similar, and the modules definitely hit on the main points that showed up on the test. A few hours spent with Apex definitely helped my score! A huge thanks to Kevin and the others at APEX!”
—Mandi Klenow SRNA – University of South Florida


“APEX provides a comprehensive, detailed review of the concepts necessary for success on the NCE. The program’s format of questions integrated with teaching modules is far more engaging than simply reading, and it helps the student to identify areas of weakness. I wholeheartedly recommend the APEX review program for SRNAs preparing for the NCE, particularly in the 3-6 months before taking boards.”
—Sarah Voogd CRNA – Mayo School of Health Sciences


“If I used a food metaphor, Valley would be fast food and Prodigy would be tapas – pieces of info but not the whole picture. That would make APEX like a filet mignon – a good meal to digest. I felt like you guys presented the best overall picture, and it helped me to understand the subject matter at a deeper level.”
—Erin Hallar CRNA – Otterbein University


“What separates APEX from its competitors is its focus on concepts and the application of those concepts. Approaching the NCE attempting to memorize and recall every fact we learned in the last two and half years not only is an inefficient use of limited time, but it doesn’t get us any closer to passing an exam of this size. Danny and Kevin have made an amazing product that is not only engaging with challenging questions, but is amenable to any learning style. I remember sitting down for my exam and within the first few questions just being thankful that I took the time to complete and understand what APEX offered to me. This course is all you’ll need to accomplish your goal on test day.”
Greg Bonifant CRNA – Virginia Commonwealth University


“I wanted to let you guys know I have passed boards. I found your program very helpful, my favorite thing being the diagrams and the large amount of multiple choice questions. I felt that APEX was a good balance of questions and information. I felt that the questions presented in APEX were the most challenging, even more challenging than a majority of board questions. This program is very well done. The progress reports are helpful too, its nice to have some feedback.”
—Marissa Wat CRNA – Samuel Merritt University


“I took and passed the boards yesterday!!! Kudos to APEX! This program was extremely helpful in my preparation for the NCE. Some things that I love about APEX is that it’s very thorough, simplifies complex topics, focuses on application, and trains you to think like an NCE writer. It also offers a vast amount of challenging questions and visual aids. You guys are doing a phenomenal job!”
—Lorraine Anthony CRNA – University of Maryland


“APEX is money in the bank folks!!! High yield content with a conversational tone and intuitive interface. The NCE seemed easy by the time I went through the course! I love it!”
Joshua Kemper CRNA – US Army Graduate Program in Anesthesia Nursing


“As a type A SRNA looking forward to becoming a safe and very effective CRNA in the near future, I spent many hours in books and journal articles to look for relevant and current information about how I can ground myself within this noble profession. I also looked through many anesthesia reviews out there and this was quite exhausting. Since I started using APEX Anesthesia Review, I have the most simple way to understand complex topics. The tutorials teach me to think like the examiner. Thus I have learned many of the different angles an examiner can approach the subject matter. What a great anesthesia secret for all SRNA’s to have!”
Jennifer Kiel SRNA – Old Dominion University


“Unaware of APEX, I purchased another computer based review course to utilize as my primary review tool for the boards. After working through a few APEX tutorials, I quickly changed my study plan and I used APEX as my primary study source for boards. This approach worked, because I just passed the NCE! Well done gentlemen!”
—Benjamin Heartland CRNA – Virginia Commonwealth University

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