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We reduced years of graduate education into a comprehensive review course that’s guaranteed to help you pass the National Certification Exam.

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Learn at your own pace. We'll help you earn Class A continuing education credits for the CPC program and NBCRNA recertification.

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Interactive courses based on the science of learning.

Crystal clear teaching sure to deliver many “a-ha” moments.

The freedom to use your computer, smartphone, and tablet.

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Kristen Brady, CRNA
Back to Basics Course

“I used APEX while I was a student and as a CRNA. The information is easy to access from my phone, tablet, and computer. I have even completed credits while on a plane! The content is explained in a way that keeps me interested (I especially love the flash cards). It was a seamless process to obtain CEUs. I highly recommend this product to CRNAs who like to go at their own pace to earn credits from anywhere.”

William Howell, CRNA
Back to Basics Course

“Many of my CRNA staff were worried about how they were going to get the continuing education they needed in order to pass the new recertification exam. They felt the current offerings at most of the meetings they attended had not addressed the specific categories we will be tested on. APEX has stepped in where the traditional meetings have failed. They offer a one-stop experience for all of our educational requirements that address our needs and at a great price.”

William Rawleigh, CRNA
Back To Basics Course

“My name is Willima Rawleigh CRNA. I used APEX as a student, and I’m continuing my career I’m using them again. For me, the ease of getting to the tutorials, the lessons, and the fact that I prefer to read from a screen makes this the perfect product for me and others like me. I truly recommend this to everyone!!!! Wouldn’t have passed my boards without them!!!”

Brigette Vyborny, CRNA
Back To Basics Course

“APEX is awesome! This program uses current data and relevant topics to keep CRNAs up-to-date and practicing with the most recent evidence-based material. The website is stream-lined and easy to navigate. Plus I love that I can access the material on my smartphone! Great program!”

Jarrod Cifra, CRNA
Student Review Course

“Kevin and Danny, thank you both so much for creating such a thorough and effective review for the boards! Today I have achieved a dream that has taken me nearly 10 years to accomplish. I can tell you both really love your profession with the amount of attention and hard work it must’ve taken to create such an amazing review! You guys rock!”

Todd Landis, CRNA
Back To Basics Course

“APEX Anesthesia Review provides the perfect combination of clinical information, ease of accessibility, and cost effectiveness. It is a wonderful tool allowing CRNA’s to both acquire CEs and have the ability to log in anytime to review workbooks/flashcards to stay up to date on current practice.  I have found a site which I plan on using for many years to come.”

Tracy Kromer, CRNA
Student Review Course

“Thank you, APEX! 100 questions and done! I only used APEX to study for boards and I PASSED!! I’ve raved about you over and over to my fellow SRNAs who are studying for boards.”

Dez Cacciotti, CRNA
Student Review Course

“APEX is without a doubt the only way to go to prepare for the NCE. The difficulty of the questions on the NCE don’t compare to those experienced through APEX. I was well prepared, nothing came as a surprise, and finished in 57 mins with 100 questions. You guys are the best and thank you for the quick response to any questions I had. Cheers!”

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