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When one exam stands between you and your new life as a CRNA, how you prepare matters.


APEX was born of the need for an online, interactive, and always up-to-date review course.


We’ve simplified years of complex education and teach it in an engaging and easy-to-understand way. Next, we leverage the latest advances in neuroscience to make learning stick. This means you’ll finally be able to master even the most challenging concepts, and you’ll learn to apply your knowledge to any test question that comes your way.


It’s never too early to get started with us.


Besides helping you pass boards, we’ll help you prepare for the SEE and improve your performance on classroom exams.

The roadmap that takes you from student to CRNA.

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Question-guided tutorials introduce each topic with a board-type question. Then, they follow with a high-yield review of everything you need to know about that topic.


This format keeps you engaged and helps you connect the dots to reveal the big picture.


Practice with all the question types you’ll encounter on the NCE and the SEE: hotspot, drag & drop, calculation, multiple choice, multiple correct response, and graphic/video-based questions.

Practice Exams

Review exams give you extra practice questions to reinforce what you’re learning.


Mock exams are designed to recreate the experience of taking the National Certification Exam, so you’ll feel more confident on test day. You can take each exam in Study Mode or Simulation Mode.


Flashcards are a quick and convenient way to study from your smartphone.


They also provide a high-level overview of the course, which makes them a great way to cover the essential elements of APEX in the days leading up to your exam.


Over 800 pages of printable workbooks help you take advantage of the hand-to-brain connection that makes learning stick.


You can complete the workbooks as you progress through the course, so you’ll have a written set of notes customized to your learning needs.


Our growing collection of videos bring the content to life, so that you’ll be able to understand even the most challenging concepts with ease.


We add new videos each month.

Study Plans

Study plans keep you on track and help you stay focused. Each one is strategically designed to help you get the most from your study time.


You can choose from plans lasting from 3 – 14 weeks.

More Benefits

Advanced analytics compare your scores to thousands of other students, so that you can hone in on your strengths and weaknesses.


Over 3,100 questions give you ample practice to sharpen your test taking skills.


In addition to citing the current references on the NCE Bibliography, we go a step further by cross-referencing multiple textbooks to make sure you get the most accurate information available.


Get frequent course updates, so you’ll always have the most current information available at your fingertips.

How to access the course.

APEX is 100% accessible from your computer, tablet, and smartphone.

Your progress is automatically synchronized across all your devices. All you need is an internet connection.

Try it for yourself.

The best guarantee in the business.


Although thousands of students across the country trust APEX to help them pass boards, you may be thinking, “what if I don’t pass?”

If the unthinkable happens, here’s how we’ll help:

  • Send us your scores after your first attempt, and we’ll schedule a FREE strategy session.
  • If your subscription expires, we’ll give you a complimentary extension.
  • If you don’t pass the NCE after 4 attempts, you can keep complimentary access to APEX until you pass, or you can stop using APEX and receive a full refund.

We’re the only nurse anesthesia review course with a money-back guarantee.

A review course is only beneficial to those who actually use it. To be eligible for our guarantee, you have to put in the time and complete the course.


Promise Olomo, CRNA
Student Review Course

“Did 14-16 hour of 10 days laser-focused intense preparation. Did 3-4/5 mock exams in simulation mode, and all 12 APEX units, while looking at the information line by line, and understanding it at a cellular level with surgical precision. Passed in the minimum 100 questions. APEX is hard, but it is comprehensive and it totally rocks!!!”

Shanesha Butler, CRNA
Student Review Course

“You’ll be pleased to know that I passed my boards!!!! Thanks to you guys! I’ve taken every single APEX exam! I’m so excited right now!”

Jarrod Cifra, CRNA
Student Review Course

“Kevin and Danny, thank you both so much for creating such a thorough and effective review for the boards! Today I have achieved a dream that has taken me nearly 10 years to accomplish. I can tell you both really love your profession with the amount of attention and hard work it must’ve taken to create such an amazing review! You guys rock!”

Tracy Kromer, CRNA
Student Review Course

“Thank you, APEX! 100 questions and done! I only used APEX to study for boards and I PASSED!! I’ve raved about you over and over to my fellow SRNAs who are studying for boards.”

Dez Cacciotti, CRNA
Student Review Course

“APEX is without a doubt the only way to go to prepare for the NCE. The difficulty of the questions on the NCE don’t compare to those experienced through APEX. I was well prepared, nothing came as a surprise, and finished in 57 mins with 100 questions. You guys are the best and thank you for the quick response to any questions I had. Cheers!”

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