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What do you need for NBCRNA recertification?

  • 60 Class A credits
  • 40 Class B credits  or  40 additional Class A credits
  • 4 CPC Core Modules (optional this cycle)
  • 1 CPC Exam (starting in 2020)


As CRNAs ourselves…

We understand feeling like there’s never enough time to earn CE credits.


We’ve helped thousands of busy CRNAs.

We can help you too.

  • Learn online at your own pace. Now, you won’t have to waste weeks of vacation sitting in lectures.
  • Do you want to refresh the basics or learn the latest evidence? Our courses will help you feel like the most knowledgeable person in the room.
  • Passive learning is boring. Our interactive courses will keep you engaged while you learn.
  • Stressed about taking an online exam? Don’t worry, because you can take all the post-tests open book.
  • Are you an active AANA member? We’ll report your credits for you.
  • Our courses are prior approved by the AANA, and the NBCRNA officially recognizes our CPC Core Modules.

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Back To Basics

Do you want a comprehensive anesthesia review course? Our Back To Basics course is just what you’re looking for.


What’s inside:

  • Refresh your knowledge with the same course our students use to pass boards.
  • Thousands of practice questions will help you prepare for the CPC exam.
  • 60 Class A credits.

How to access:

  • Use your computer or tablet (limited smartphone access).
  • Unlimited access + updates for 2 years.
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CPC Core Module: Pharmacology

Do you want to complete the CPC Core Modules? Our modules shine above the rest.


What’s inside:

  • The perfect balance of review material AND the latest evidence.
  • Over 50 practice questions will help you prepare for the CPC exam.
  • 6 Class A credits.

How to access:

  • Choose the format that helps you learn best: video, streaming audio, or written transcript.
  • Use your computer, smartphone, or tablet.
  • Unlimited access + updates for 1 year.
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Clinical Updates

Do you like reading journal articles to earn credits? Our Clinical Updates course is just what you’re looking for.


What’s inside:

  • Links to 10 clinically relevant journal articles.
  • Expert analysis and comments about each article.
  • 10 Class A credits.

How to access:

  • Use your computer, smartphone, or tablet.
  • Printable materials, so you can learn away from your device.
  • Unlimited access + updates for 1 year.
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How it works.

1.  Sign up for your course.

2.  Learn the course content.

3.  Pass the post-test to earn your credits.


Try it for yourself.

Our guarantee.


When you choose APEX to continue your education, we’ll help you become the knowledgeable CRNA you can be.

What if you decide the course isn’t for you? Email us within three days of your enrollment, and we’ll give you a full refund. You must request the refund before completing any of the post-tests.


Kristen Brady, CRNA
Back to Basics Course

“I used APEX while I was a student and as a CRNA. The information is easy to access from my phone, tablet, and computer. I have even completed credits while on a plane! The content is explained in a way that keeps me interested (I especially love the flash cards). It was a seamless process to obtain CEUs. I highly recommend this product to CRNAs who like to go at their own pace to earn credits from anywhere.”

William Howell, CRNA
Back to Basics Course

“Many of my CRNA staff were worried about how they were going to get the continuing education they needed in order to pass the new recertification exam. They felt the current offerings at most of the meetings they attended had not addressed the specific categories we will be tested on. APEX has stepped in where the traditional meetings have failed. They offer a one-stop experience for all of our educational requirements that address our needs and at a great price.”

William Rawleigh, CRNA
Back To Basics Course

“My name is Willima Rawleigh CRNA. I used APEX as a student, and I’m continuing my career I’m using them again. For me, the ease of getting to the tutorials, the lessons, and the fact that I prefer to read from a screen makes this the perfect product for me and others like me. I truly recommend this to everyone!!!! Wouldn’t have passed my boards without them!!!”

Brigette Vyborny, CRNA
Back To Basics Course

“APEX is awesome! This program uses current data and relevant topics to keep CRNAs up-to-date and practicing with the most recent evidence-based material. The website is stream-lined and easy to navigate. Plus I love that I can access the material on my smartphone! Great program!”

Todd Landis, CRNA
Back To Basics Course

“APEX Anesthesia Review provides the perfect combination of clinical information, ease of accessibility, and cost effectiveness. It is a wonderful tool allowing CRNA’s to both acquire CEs and have the ability to log in anytime to review workbooks/flashcards to stay up to date on current practice.  I have found a site which I plan on using for many years to come.”

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CPC Core Module: Pharmacology

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Back To Basics Course

Earn 60 Class A credits at your own pace over the next 2 years.

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