CPC Core Modules

We help busy Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetists (CRNAs) knock out their Continued Professional Certification (CPC) Core Modules.

Earn 23 Class A credits approved by the American Association of Nurse Anesthetists (AANA), officially recognized by the NBCRNA.

As CRNAs ourselves, we understand that setting aside time for the CPC Core Modules feels like a chore.

APEX makes it easy with convenient, engaging, and easy-to-use Core Modules Bundle that fits your lifestyle.

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The most convenient way to complete your CPC Program Core Module requirement.

  • 23 Class A credits (including 8 credits in pharmacology/therapeutics).
  • All 4 CPC Core Modules recognized by the NBCRNA: Airway Management Techniques, Applied Clinical Pharmacology, Human Physiology & Pathophysiology, and Anesthesia Technology.
  • The perfect balance between review content and clinically relevant teaching to inform your practice.
  • Over 125 practice questions to help you review for the CPC Assessment.
  • Lower cost-per-credit compared to other Core Module vendors.

Access your CPC Modules how it's best for you - online or offline!

  • Conveniently learn anywhere, anytime from desktop or mobile.
  • Choose the format that’s best for you (you’ll get access to all 3):
    1. Video
    2. Streaming audio
    3. PDFs you can print (great for offline learning)

Earning your Class A CE credits is easy.

  • Get instant access + 1 year from purchase date to complete the course, earn your credits, and download the PDFs (keep the PDFs forever)
  • No stress post-tests give you three attempts to pass.
  • Take your post-tests open-book.
  • We report credits for active AANA members.

Apex Anesthesia allows CRNAs and students to learn the CPC Core Modules in several mediums including by video, streaming audio and printable PDFs.

Finish your CRNA CPC Core Modules in 3 easy steps.

So you can get back to doing the things you love.

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Get instant access to all 4 CPC Core Modules and Class A credits.

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CRNA pictured wearing blue scrubs and blue hairnets. Apex helps CRNAs continue to lead the way in delivering high-quality patient care through our CPC program core module teachings.

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"The information presented was not only relevant, but the "myth buster" sections that look at old practice vs. the latest research were extremely useful."

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"APEX uses current data and relevant topics to keep CRNAs up-to-date. The website is streamlined and easy to navigate."

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CPC Core Module Bundle

  • Lower cost-per-credit compared to other Core Module providers
  • 23 Class A credits approved by the AANA (includes 8 pharmacology credits)
  • Includes all 4 CPC Core Modules officially recognized by the NBCRNA
  • Instant access + 1 year from purchase date to complete the course, earn your credits, and download the PDFs (keep the PDFs forever)
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Have questions about the NBCRNA CPC Program?

We have you covered.

Will APEX report my credits to the AANA?

We report credits for active AANA members on normal business days Monday – Friday.

If you’re not an AANA member, you can print your credit transcript to submit to the NBCRNA.

Do Core Modules award Class A credits?

Yes! Core Modules award Class A credits.

Although most Core Module providers charge nearly the same prices, some vendors give you more credits than others.

APEX gives you more credits for your money! In fact, our Core Modules give you 23 Class A credits, which is more than 1/3 of all the Class A credits you need for your entire 4-year cycle!

Are the Core Modules from APEX officially recognized by the NBCRNA?

This is important – the NBCRNA must officially recognize the CPC Core Modules before a vendor may offer them for sale. Some vendors may offer Core Module “Prep,” but they are NOT the real modules unless the NBCRNA officially recognizes them.

Our CPC Core Modules are officially recognized by the NBCRNA and approved by the AANA for 23 Class A credits.

What are the 4 C's of the CPC Program?

The CPC program spans an 8 year calendar that’s divided into two 4-year cycles.

The best way to understand the CPC program is to think of the 4 C’s:

  1. CPC Core Modules | 4 per 4-year cycle
  2. Class A credits | 60 per 4-year cycle
  3. Class B credits | 40 per 4-year cycle
  4. CPC Assessment | 1 per 8-year cycle

The CPC Core Modules are a required every 4-year cycle.

CRNAs who graduated in 2020 (and later) must complete the CPC Core Modules in their first 4-year cycle.

What's the purpose of the CPC Program?

The goal of the CPC program is to enhance your professional development. By staying up-to-date on current practice trends, CRNAs will continue to lead the way in delivering high-quality patient care.

The CPC Program focuses on 4 domains of anesthesia knowledge:

  1. Airway management techniques
  2. Applied clinical pharmacology
  3. Human physiology & pathophysiology
  4. Anesthesia equipment & technology

What's the purpose of the CPC Core Modules?

The CPC Core Modules serve two primary functions:

  1. They keep your clinical practice up-to-date by providing you with the current evidence-based practice trends.
  2. They help you earn Class A credits.

Not all modules are created equally! The quality, content, and Class A credit hours associated with the CPC Core Modules are determined by each vendor.

What are the software and hardware requirements to use APEX?

You can access APEX from your computer, tablet, and smartphone.

Since APEX lives on a server, all you need is an internet connection with a minimum speed of 1.5 Mbps and a compatible browser. You can start on one device and pick up where you left off on another device.

Browsers we support:

  • Chrome
  • Safari
  • Firefox
  • Edge

*Browsers must have Javascript and cookies enabled. Browser version must be within the two most recent updates. 

Devices we support:

  • Apple 
  • Android 
  • Windows 

Operating Systems we support:

  • Operating system (Mac OS or Windows) that the manufacturer no longer supports (i.e., it’s beyond end of life).
  • Click the links to see if your operating system is beyond end of life (Mac | Windows).

*Computer screens must have a minimum screen resolution of 800×1280

APEX cannot be used on e-readers or Kindle Fire. Additionally, we don’t fully support Android LG devices.

We do not support screen readers.

Do the CPC Core Modules have an expiration date?

If you purchase the CPC Core Module Bundle, you’ll have 1 year from purchase date to complete the course, earn your credits, and download the PDFs (keep the PDFs forever)

If you purchase the All-Inclusive Bundle (where you’ll get everything you need for your 4-year CPC cycle), you’ll have 2 years to complete your Core Modules.

Do you offer group discounts?

Yes! We’d be happy to provide a discount for your group of students or CRNAs.

Join hundreds of universities, anesthesia practices, and groups of individuals who’ve saved money by enrolling as a group.

Tell us more about your group, and we’ll be in touch within 1 business day.

*Note: Our live Boards Bootcamp conference does not qualify for any discounts.

What is your refund policy?

We want to provide you with a world-class experience every step of the way.

While thousands of students and CRNAs choose APEX for board review and continuing education, what if you decide it isn’t for you?

Email us within seven days of your purchase, and we’ll give you a full refund.

Because of the nature of digital courses, we do not offer refunds (full or partial) beyond seven days of your purchase.

  • If you’re a CRNA, you must request your refund BEFORE earning credits (you earn credits by taking a post-test).
  • If you’re a student who failed the NCE, then review our student guarantee for our refund policy.

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